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I, Jesper Ray, working around the world, as a photographer and film/location scout.

In my work in finding the right location for a film or commercials for 26 years, I’ve taken well over 1 million photos to the benefit of scenes, for example. Chronicle, Two worlds, Simon Spies / Glistrup film, Summer 92 and the now Oscar winning film recorded in Copenhagen The Danish Girl (UK/DK fim) There must indeed be space and places to disappear a little, therefore, urban life has not here I am most inspired … but outside the city “schmertzen” came these photos not to live ..

Nature is a picture of longing … something that can not disappoint or judge us, and not holding grudges – but it is – one’s friend!

Bring memories of the past image sounds that nature repeats when we pass it by car or walking either on the beautiful view or with a tone of bitterness … ..
Nature’s almost motherly control over things again, nature’s own judgment of what should pass away and become, fascinate me.